Bobby Beefcake

Human Fighter


Lvl: 1
Hp: 8
AC: 3
Long sword 1D8/1D12


Bobby came of age just after the end of the Great Northern War, 5 years ago. He was thrilled about the adventures and deeds of the great warriors and these thrill never overcame the mourning for all those that fell dead. So, Bobby decided to become a warrior by profession with his only thoughts being to promote heroism and fighting and to protect innocent people against villains and wild creatures. His physical appearance did offer a great help as natural has offered him a wonderful muscular body that he keeps in a great state by exercising often (when he is not really fighting).
Some minor acquaintances he made these few years, offered him the opportunity to train for a year in the Waterdeep Military Academy and even serve the Waterdeep militia for a year. When he felt ready, he became a freelancer, having worked under various employers before joining Peddywinkle’s caravan as a guard.

Bobby Beefcake

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