Return to the Keep on the Borderlands

Day 1 - The beginning (IN PROGRESS)

It was Council Day. The day of the first council after the harsh winter. While many subjects were waiting for resolution, the great surprise of this council was the arrival and presence of, not only one, but four newcomers. No-one knew them before, everyone was seeing them for the first time but everyone was surprised that they asked to remain among a community they saw for the first time.


I, Dubricus d’ Ambreville, scribe of the Kendall Keep and appreciator of history and heroic deeds decided to write down (and by so to transfer into eternal rememberness) the adventures of the people that helped us when we were in need. I shall name my saga “The Northern Alliance”.
The first adventurers arrived after the harsh winter of the fifth year after the Great Northern War. They were classy and humorous. Tiavad Ataso-Pern and Elinor Trueflight met outside the gate and almost immediately created a strong bond. After entering the Keep – with all necessary formalities – they almost drawned into a flood of children leaving the school for the evening. Rafe, the Smith welcomed them to Kendall Keep and eventually they made their way to the Green Man Inn where they were served by Wilf, the innkeeper and Jess, the serving girl. They also made acquaintance of Third, the curious warrior of Maruda. Finding that the place and especially its people were of their liking, they both decided to stay for a while and settle down, waiting to meet ‘The Council’ the following day.


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